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Procedures for Addressing Concerns

Positive relations between the School and its parents and families are a primary concern. For that reason, every effort will be made to handle disputes in the most positive way possible.  The following steps have been outlined in order to facilitate resolution of such issues:

Step 1

Make an appointment to clarify issue with your student¹s teacher.

Step 2

Make appointment to clarify issue with the school administrator.

Step 3

Discuss concerns with Parent Involvement Representative (see below list for name and contact information). 

Step 4

If the person named is not able to assist with dispute resolution or you have already discussed your concerns with them, please contact Academica.

Phone - 305-669-2906
Email -

Step 5

Discuss Concerns with the Chief Operating Officer (Academica will assist in establishing contact).

Step 6

State concerns at a scheduled Governing Board meeting.  All complaints should be provided to the Board in writing (assistance available upon request) via Kelly Mallon / Board Liaison (contact information below) at least 3 days prior to a regular scheduled meeting.

Kelly Mallon - Board Liaison


Please understand that: A public board meeting is the only forum in which Board Members should be addressed for disputes. Board Members cannot respond to any other direct means of contact.

Note: This policy does not replace or change any proceeding that is governed by the Code of Student Conduct or the Parent Contract.

Parent Involvement Representatives

Each charter school’s governing board must appoint a representative to facilitate parental involvement, provide access to information, assist parents and others with questions and concerns, and resolve disputes. The representative must reside in the school district in which the charter school is located and may be a governing board member, a charter school employee, or an individual contracted to represent the governing board. If the governing board oversees multiple charter schools in the same school district, the governing board must appoint a separate representative for each charter school in the district.                                                            

Mater Academy (0100) - Chantel Morales (

Mater Academy East Charter School (3100) - Betty Riera (

Mater Academy East Preparatory (7037) - Michelle Rivas (

Mater Academy of International Studies (1017) - Giselle Bernal (

Mater International Preparatory (6047) - Stephanie Ocampo (

Mater International Academy (3000) - Olga Camarena (

Mater Academy Middle School  (6012) - Vanessa Chaoui (

Mater Academy High School  (7160) - Robert Valido (

Mater Performing Arts & Entertainment Academy (7014) - Maria Montero (

Mater Gardens Academy Elementary School (0312) - Pilar Perez Fernandez (

Mater Lakes Academy Middle School (6033) - Marjorie Enriquez (

Mater Lakes Academy High School (7018) - Rene Rovirosa (

Mater Academy (Miami Beach) (5047) - Marisol Gomez (

Mater Grove Academy (5045) - Sheila Caleo Gonzalez (

iMater Academy (5384) - Elizabeth Poveda (

iMater Academy Middle School (6014) - Jennifer Pino  (

iMater Preparatory Academy High School (7090) - Esther Reyes (

Mater Academy Bay (4010) - J Carrion (

Mater Bay Middle (6032) - A. Benavente (

Mater Academy Bay High School (7120) - C. Pulido (

Mater Preparatory Academy (3003) – Betty Morris (

Mater Academy Biscayne North Miami Elementary School (2022 ) - Lourdes Isla (

Mater Lakes Collegiate Academy Middle School (5057) - Alice Martinez (

Mater Lakes Collegiate Academy High School (5052) - Kim Guilarte (

Mater Academy Biscayne North Miami Middle School (5555) - Victor Rodriguez (

Mater Academy Biscayne North Miami High School (5556) - Ofelia Alvarez (

Mater Brickell Academy Middle (5412) - Jenny Calante  (

Mater Brickell Academy High (5422) - Jennifer Regalado (

Mater Academy Kiwanis (5416) - Eileen Hernandez (

Mater Tech at Mater Innovation Academy (5417) - Matt Bieule (

Mater Academy Virtual Charter School (6997) - Noelle Iglesias (


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